Monday, July 5, 2010

The Fourth of July

I forgot to post yesterday, too busy celebrating the birth of our nation! Happy Birthday USA. So here are the books from yesterday and the book from today

July 4th!

Little Dragon Makes Friends
by Steve Smallman

This is a great book. It teaches kids about not judging people by their appearance. Just because someone is a dragon does not mean they are not nice. The illustrations in this book are wonderful with great color and they help to tell the story. I am starting to give books a rating out of five stars. This book gets five stars.

Baby Touch and Feel Farm
A DK Book

This is an interactive book that we read before Gus's afternoon nap. There are not many words in this book it is all about texture with patches that feel like animals fur. We have a number of books like this and I will say that this book did not impress me. I knew that there would not be much of a story with this book but the problem is that on every page is a picture of an animal. The problem is that not every picture has a texture to it. I found this very frustrating. I would look for another touch and feel book before I choose this one. I give it one star.

July 5th
We are at Granma's house and this is one of the books on her shelf.

by Olivier Dunrea

This is the book about a little duckling that likes to eat everything. He eats a bubble and this leads to problems. I think that this is a cute story but lacks much of a moral message. I give this book three stars.

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