Thursday, July 8, 2010

Aunt Annie's Birthday

July 6th

Beth and I were out with friends and so I did not read Gus a book.

July 7th

Today is Gus's Aunt Annie's Birthday! Happy Birthday to Aunt Annie. We had lots of fun going out to dinner to celebrate this special day. Two books were read to Gus today.

At Naptime we read the classic,

Put Me in the Zoo: A Book of Colors
by Robert Lopshire

This is a Bright and Early book that is from the collection with all of the Dr. Suess books. This is a classic tale about an animal that wants to be put in the zoo and the zoo says no. He then proceeds to tell the children outside the zoo how he is able to change the colors of his spots. I like this book it is a classic and is more than just a color book. It tells a story while it teaches colors. It also has a great rhyme scheme, which you would never doubt about a book associated with Dr. Suess. I give this book five stars.

Bed time after the birthday celebration:

Ten Tiny Tadpoles
By Debbie Tarbett

This is a fun book with lots of color that helps to teach children how to count and subtract. It tells the story of ten tadpoles and how as they are playing they slowly get separated doing different things. Until at the end they all come back together as frogs. I like rhyme scheme in this book also the tadpoles stick out from the page with one on each page and a cut out for the others. This allows the children to feel them. I like this book I give it four and a half stars. Not because it is bad but because not every book can be one of those classic books.

Stay tuned for our next installment.

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