Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sports thoughts for the week.

First Lane Kiffen is a bum. I understand why Pete Carroll left. Sanctions are coming and he is the first rat to jump ship. But seriously Kiffen promises kids things, recruits them and jumps ship after one year. If gus is a blue chipper and kiffen comes to call he will not make it past the front porch. What happened to the great ones like Joe Paor beau or even woody? one year really you suck kiffen. This is just another reason for me not to like USC. I hope they crash and burn. Go the rest of the Pac 10.

Second, Tigers sign a closer. I understand the move, the American League central is week and winnable. I don't like it because we lose the draft pick, that is the down side I see. People say but what about the Granderson move? I think we sold high. I liked Granderson he was personable and fun to watch, but common he has been in the league how long? five years, and he can't hit left handers. I think that had we sold high on someone like Bobby Higginson we would have been better off and DD did just that. Now Granderson is going to have a huge year. New Yorks stadium is tiny and people will say that it was a bad move but I think we got a great foundation for the future. And who knows we could still do well in 2010. I mean outdoor baseball in Minnesota in April and May that could cost them a few games and in 2009 that means the Tigers are in the playoffs.

I am rooting for Indy over the Jets. I wish Indy Baltimore could have been the AFC championship game. I am cheering for New Orleans over Minnesota. I hate Brett Farve and I hope he falls flat on his face.

Way to go Wolverines beating UCONN. Why could you not be more consistent. Also huge win for state over Illinois. You are in the drivers seat of the Big Ten.

Can't wait for the winter olympics. I love watching the olympics because I always wished I could win a medal and be on a podium hearing the national anthem.

Have a great week.

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